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About the Division of Family Planning

The Division of Family Planning and the UC Irvine Health Women’s Options Center is led by a team of fellowship trained, board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists that provides evidence-based, high-quality care. 

We believe that every woman deserves patient-centered, compassionate, non-judgmental care for her unique needs throughout her reproductive life.

We help decide which birth control options are best for a woman's lifestyle, work with women on family planning goals and address any possible medical conditions. 

We also provide counseling and care for women in need of an elective abortion, treatment for miscarriage or fetal death, and termination due to maternal or fetal medical reasons.  

We have an interdisciplinary team that will help with everything from the scheduling and insurance authorization to the individual or couple’s counseling and support. Our affiliation with UC Irvine Medical Center ensures smooth transition to inpatient services in case of medical complications.

As a university-based service, we have also have a teaching and research mission.

Our goal is to train competent and compassionate physicians and nurses who will advocate for their patients and provide the full spectrum of reproductive services using best practices. Additionally, our faculty members are engaged in research and quality improvement studies that will help to provide access to care for every woman and highest quality of care.