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About the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine

The UC Irvine Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine provides advanced level care for patients with a wide variety of complex maternal and fetal issues. Our MFM specialists have extensive training in the latest techniques and procedures used in evaluation and treatment in maternal and fetal care. 

We use a multidisciplinary approach in the management of complicated pregnancies. Our multidisciplinary team includes:

  • MFM specialists
  • Skilled perinatal sonographers
  • Neonatal specialists
  • Genetics consultants
  • Pediatric surgeons
  • Diabetes educators
  • Highly trained OB and neonatal nurses

Our dedicated team works together to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to our high risk patients. 

Our Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine excels in research, quality improvement, education and clinical care. Our faculty and fellows are involved in both clinical and basic science research

As a division, we are committed to training the next generation of MFM specialists. We offer a highly competitive ACGME-certified fellowship training program in MFM and combined MFM-Genetics. We are dedicated to educating residents and medical students in the diagnosis and management of maternal and fetal complications that occur during pregnancy. 

To learn more about our division, visit our faculty profiles.